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Upgrades, migration & re-engineering

Being up to date and ensuring you tackle the increasing pressure of digital transformation and globalisation in a positive way are important ways to gain a competitive edge. When it comes to modernising your ERP system, we are your competent partner and will find the right path for you and with you. Transitioning your ERP software has to pay off for you - and we always keep that in mind.

There are many options: upgrading, migration and re-engineering - we decide together how you can best achieve your goal. Natural, undisruptive strategy implementation is a central focal point for us.

For over 30 years, we have been gathering well-founded knowledge of all versions of Microsoft Dynamics, beginning with the original Damgaard XAL up to Dynamics 365 - and we always keep a finger on the pulse.

Are you currently using ERP software from other manufacturers? Are you looking for a new ERP solution? We’d be happy to introduce you to Dynamics 365 and our additional solutions in person.

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