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Wholesale is defined by very diversified selections with a constantly growing number of products and variations. This means that warehousing, as well as the market as a whole, is getting more and more complex. Falling prices and decreasing margins amid static service requirements are a challenge for the wholesale industry. With our solution, which goes beyond the Dynamics 365 standard and provides targeted functions for wholesale, all operational processes are integrated and recurring processes are carried out automatically - giving you more time for your customers.

Industry focus: Plastic trade

Our solution, which expands on Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers plastic traders the complete integration and management of all company processes. To this end, the specific requirements of your industry are covered by the system, such as warehouse management via dynamic stock overviews or additional information such as reference management and analysis data (chemical/mechanical).

Industry focus: Technical wholesale

The object of technical wholesale is, for example, trading in industrial materials, electronics, connecting elements, tools and machines. With our solution, you will keep a clear overview of complex product structures - all operational processes can be integrated with one another.
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