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Vehicle trade

A dealer management system (DMS) organises all important processes in vehicle trade trade - ordering new vehicles, valuing used vehicles, replacement parts, garage, service and much more. It almost goes without saying that all classic ERP functions are seamlessly integrated into our solution thanks to full Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. This lets you improve service-orientated customer support, which is especially important in this industry. Thanks to links to all standard online platforms, vehicle sales can be easily supported.

Highlight: Vehicle configurator

Our vehicle configurator facilitates the complete technical representation of vehicles to any depth of structure. Thanks to access to manufacturer-specific vehicle data, all configurations are available in electronic format. Freely definable vehicle attributes can be used, such as year, performance (kw/HP), mileage, dimensions and colour. It is also possible to search for vehicles using all of these criteria. An individual expansion of the configuration to include special parts is easily realisable.

Highlight: Electronic vehicle files

Everything at a glance - with our new electronic vehicle files: as well as complete technical descriptions of new, used and demo vehicles with all relevant components and visualisation, you can also view related sales processes. The cockpit view is also ideal for this, with direct reference to previous and subsequent processes such as offer creation, ordering, procurement, delivery and service.

Highlight: Lifecycle management

With our lifecycle management, a vehicle’s whole lifecycle can be displayed in technical and sales terms. The lifecycle can also be split up into freely definable lifecycle sections. These sections are transported from the main processes, such as procurement and sales, into bookkeeping and controlling, whereby it is also possible to analyse a vehicle at a level of multi-layer contribution margins. This view is fully integrated into the Power BI dashboards.

Highlight: Automatic stock management of customer service vehicles

Based on historic data and intelligent forecasting, our solution automatically ensures optimal replacement part provision for each individual customer service vehicle. This means that your service staff always have the right parts on board, increasing the satisfaction of your customers.
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