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Vehicle manufacture

Seelhof and vehicle manufacture go together like birds of a feather. We know that the support and seamless integration of all processes is important to you: from product development (from prototype to series maturity) to construction, design, logistics and planning, procurement, production and workshop, marketing and PR, sales to service and administration. Our industry solution offers you this support and facilitates individual structuring by department, such as chassis, transmission, motor and aggregate, workshop and assembly, electronics and quality control. We also ensure a bi-directional connection to CAD/CAM and PLM systems (Windchill, Siemens Teamcenter etc.). Even when refitting, renovating and customising vehicles, you can expand on our software support, such as access to manufacturer-specific vehicle configurations and piece lists including purchase and sales prices.

Highlight: Calculation and cost control

Keep a clear overview of all costs - thanks to automatic, concurrent calculations and manufacturer cost determination. Contribution margin accounting for the whole vehicle lifecycle as well as each individual life section is just as much part of our solution as a full-service calculation.

Highlight: Vehicle configurator

Our vehicle configurator facilitates the complete technical representation of vehicles to any depth of structure. Thanks to access to manufacturer-specific vehicle data, al configurations are available in electronic format. Freely definable vehicle attributes can be used, such as year, performance (kw/HP), mileage, dimensions and colour. It is also possible to search for vehicles using all of these criteria. An individual expansion of the configuration to include special parts is easily realisable. Automatic pricing and calculation supports and simplifies your work process significantly.

Highlight: Electronic vehicle files

Everything at a glance - with our electronic vehicle files: as well as complete technical descriptions of new, used and demo vehicles with all relevant components and vehicle visualisation, you can also view all related sales processes. The cockpit view is also ideal for this, with direct reference to previous and subsequent processes such as offer creation, commissioning, procurement, production and provision, delivery and service. Thanks to optional import and export options for standard internet trade portals, you can create sales offers at a click.
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