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Service provider

Business service management is only possible when all planning and management systems are optimally integrated into the ERP solution. To perfect the balancing act of optimal service quality, short reaction times and increasing customer expectations, direct access to all data regarding service objects, resources, contracts and logistics is necessary. For your service process, we offer a solution based on Dynamics 365, expanded to meet the specific requirements of high-quality service management - such as call centre management as well as service-orientated disposition and resource planning.

Highlight: Service objects

The management of service objects, i.e. the customers’ items to be worked on, is a central component of the service management solution. We offer you flexible options for the management of service objects; so you can easily create more complex structures. You’ll be able to see all relevant service object data at a glance, such as customer, supplier, guarantee details and financial information.

Highlight: Service contracts

Being able to see all service contracts at a glance is an important requirement for good service management. With our solution, you can easily adapt the service contracts to suit the relevant requirements regarding duration, conditions, service level definition and maintenance model. You can either choose from pre-defined standard contracts or flexible contract templates. The whole process from contract offer to contractual fulfilment can be tracked fully thanks to the cockpit view.

Highlight: Graphic resource planning

Which technician do you want to send where with which replacement parts? Daily resource planning as part of processing service jobs is easy with our software solution. With pre-defined ‘work packages’ for standard times, replacement parts, checklists and revenue, booking service jobs is considerably easier. All relevant information from the service contracts (e.g. services included in the contract) is automatically included. Scheduling takes place via an easily understandable graphic calendar view that also provides feedback on the availability of staff, resources and replacement parts, ensuring optimal planning of all capacities.

Highlight: Mobile service management

Thanks to our optional mobile service management, your service technicians can view all relevant customer information on practically any mobile end device (based on: Windows, Android or iOS) anywhere, online and offline. Direct access to allocated tasks makes the service process considerably easier, while all relevant data can be entered on location, e.g. a photo of the repaired object can be added to the process.
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