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The current availability of information has drastically changed buyer behaviour: online retail has rapidly gained importance and customers expect an ever increasing range of products and top service at any time. For retail, these changes bring with them a big opportunity and a new challenge. Technologies are therefore more valuable for retail than ever before. With our comprehensive industry experience in retail and completely integrated end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for retail, we can provide you with optimal support. You will receive a complete cloud-based solution that offers unified retail across all channels, letting you concentrate on what’s important.

Highlight: Omni-channel management

All channels are managed centrally, from bricks-and-mortar retail to eCommerce to mobile and social commerce. This ensures full transparency and control. Cross-channel scenarios such as ‘online purchasing/pick-up in branch’ provide your customers with a range of easy options. Especially the integration of sales channels in online marketplaces and shops is very important nowadays.

Highlight: Branch processes and POS

Thanks to flexible POS and centralised branch management, you have all the options. The user interfaces for POS systems can be easily adapted to suit roles; this also shortens onboarding time for new team members. Thanks to consistent data models, you can access precise, up-to-date data at any time - with suitable visualisation thanks to Power BI.

Highlight: Customer support and social commerce

Intensify your customer loyalty through first class service. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail solution, you can access document libraries to maintain and use a unified customer history across the company - from initial contact through all subsequent interactions. By using social media, e.g. by embedding promotional, discount or coupon campaigns, you’ll be close to your customers with your finger on the pulse.
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