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Mobile goods rental

Rental transactions require a high level of flexibility, as companies in the rental industry are often faced with extreme fluctuations in demand. With our solution, which is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, rental transactions for mobile goods - e.g. cars, forklifts, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles -
are carried out in the best possible way. The whole spectrum of rental activities is supported. As well as the linking of several locations and therefore intra-location disposal, the solution also offers plenty more
benefits, such as comprehensive real-time evaluations.

Highlight: Power BI evaluations

Thanks to the connection with Microsoft Power BI, you can access business intelligence functions that are tailor made for your business. Clear dashboards provide you with all relevant information in real time.

Highlight: Rental diary

The rental diary gives you a complete overview of all outstanding rental activities as well as available rental stock. This means you’re always up to date, ensuring optimal resource planning.

Highlight: Rental transaction management

Thanks to complete integration into Dynamics 365, your rental transactions are carried out in a consistent process with consistent data - from quote to invoice. The use of price templates allows flexible pricing. Integrated product management ensures you always have an overview of all financial aspects.

Highlight: Integration of asset management

Our solution for mobile goods rental is connected to the asset management module in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. This gives you a complete overview of financial and rental assets so you can track asset additions and disposals as well as order requests.
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