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Metal industry

Thanks to our many years of collaborations with companies in the metal construction industry, especially in connection technology, we know the specific requirements of the industry and know what’s important to you. Safety and quality as well as service and punctuality are major concerns - while a high degree of innovation is also important.

Highlight: Metal surcharges

When setting purchase and sales prices in the metal industry, metal surcharges often have to be taken into account. Our solution takes over the automated management and setting of purchase and sales prices, taking the latest metal surcharges into consideration. The latest surcharges are even automatically taken into account when valuing stock.

Highlight: Inventory valuation

When valuing current asset inventory, the harshest/lowest value principle is applied automatically. If a scrap valuation is necessary, daily valuation prices will be used after being automatically imported from international metal exchange sources.

Highlight: Order promiser

With our ‘order promiser’, we have developed an information and forecasting process to establish reliable delivery times, taking into account material availability and production capacity - so you can plan perfectly!

Highlight: Industrial data acquisition

Our data management takes over the evaluation of operational and machine data from production, providing this data in the form of operational feedback (production cockpit). The aim is to analyse downtime, set-up time and waiting time due to production as well as to measure the volume produced.
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