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Medicine wholesale

Providing hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, labs, sanitary and medical retailers with consumables, practice equipment, diagnostic and therapy devices, instruments and tools is the focus in medical wholesale, and this is supported by a variety of additional services. Seelhof knows the specific needs and requirements of this industry. We have project experience with industry-specific topics such as prescription editing, the supply of machines, consumables and rooms for laboratory analysis as well as a range of seminars and workshops.

Highlight: Health insurance provider billing

Direct billing with the payor is completely integrated into our software solution. This also includes electronic billing in accordance with §300 and §305 of the SGB V, cost estimate management, standard prescription processing, co-payment calculation, handling healthcare stores and many more processes. Especially considering the frequent changes in the healthcare industry, it is important that you are always up to date - and you can rely on our solution for that.

Highlight: Pharmaceutical registration number

Product management by pharmaceutical registration number is integrated into our solution as a matter of course.

Highlight: Medical device rental

The fast, precise processing of the allocation and return of medical rental devices is managed by identifying the barcode or RFID. Automatic checks establish whether allocated devices are ready for operation. Even the recognition of damages to individual devices, as well as the creation of a repair order if required, is automatically carried out in the returns process alongside billing for late returns.
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