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Medical technology

Medical technology production companies are under great competitive pressure due to international competition.
Especially in this industry, excellent-quality products and services are of overriding importance; this is underpinned by strict legal requirements. With our solution, we support the special requirements of your industry, e.g. through the seamless traceability of all production and trade processes. The support and documentation of product development processes (from prototype to series maturity), construction, design, logistics and planning, procurement, production and workshop, marketing and PR, sales, service and administration are adapted to exactly suit your needs. Prescription processing and billing is as much a part of the solution as service management for patients, prescribers and health insurance providers.

Highlight: Online tracking and tracing module

The online tracking and tracing module offers you seamless traceability at device and component level (serial number management).

Highlight: CAPA process support

Our solution gives you optimal, seamless software support for your CAPA (corrective and preventative action) process. This allows CAPAs to be automated, while CAPA processes can be managed and tracked.

Highlight: System certification support

Medical product manufacturers must fulfil strict requirements regarding the safety of their products and services. To guarantee this, there is a variety of national and international quality management certification standards. Our software solution supports you with the following certification standards, among others: · DIN EN ISO 9001 · ISO 9001:2015 · DIN EN ISO 13485 · ISO 13485:2016 · ISO 13485 CMDCAS · MDSAP · Prequalification for Tools · DIN EN ISO 15378 · DIN EN 15224

Highlight: App-based service management

With our app-based service management, we provide you with an online portal to easily process transactions with patients, prescribers and health insurance providers.
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