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Food and drink wholesale

When distributing food and drink, it’s all about the skilled balancing of purchasing, production and sales planning. More complex purchasing and sales calculations are needed and they have to be made under increasing margin pressure - as well as clever warehouse management. Our industry solution for the food and drink wholesale industry is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will take on these coordinating tasks with full automation, also supporting you in the fulfilment of statutory and industry requirements (such as HACCP, IFS). Even accounting with intercorporate purchasing associations is integrated into our software.

Highlight: Procurement

With our industry solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide you with competent support in the procurement and disposal of goods. Focus is on ensuring a constant flow of wares across the whole delivery chain. Our request management with price comparison as well as automated supplier evaluation and invoice checking make the procurement process considerably easier.

Highlight: Warehouse and logistics

Our solution for the food and drink wholesale industry provides you with more transparency for your warehouse and logistics processes. Central product data management with branch synchronisation is also a part of the solution, as well as taking various warehouse organisation methods into account (including expanded storage strategies) and monitoring expiration dates. Labelling and barcoding is directly integrated into the system, as well as shipping processing by receipt/EDI. Automated itinerary planning will simplify and optimise your logistics process.

Highlight: Sales management

Unified customer support solidifies your customer relationships and ensures efficient order processing. To achieve this, you need optimal support for your internal and external sales teams. The aim is seamless interaction between staff and customers. We give you all relevant customer data at a glance so you can make your decisions and simplify offer processing through comprehensive pricing and automatic bonus processing.

Highlight: Quality management

Quality management plays a special role especially when dealing with food and drink. This is underpinned by strict statutory requirements (e.g. general food and drink law and the HACCP). Through the complete integration of these processes into our software solution, you can work quickly, precisely and efficiently. As well as process support to comply with HACCP, IFS, EN ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, the implementation and documentation of quality controls are integrated by way of connections with lab systems. If the worst comes to the worst, you can rely on our return and recall management.
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